Super important freebie license

Yes, it’s all Good


Our freebies can be used for both private and commercial use. You don’t need to pay us a single penny, cent or fraction of a bitcoin. We prefer you use the time and money saved from using our files to do something that makes you happy instead. Go for a walk, have coffee with friends, spend time with your family or anything else that makes you smile.


We encourage you to share links to our original files as often as you like. We love people who do that and have a shrine to them in our studio.

Saying thanks

If our files help you land your dream job, win an amazing contract or make your latest project look super awesome, that’s really fantastic and we would love to know. You can send us an Email or direct message on Twitter

No, that’s Bad

Copy and Paste

We don’t appreciate people passing on our original files as their your own, that’s not cool. If you want to share our work and it helps build traffic for your website that’s great just link to the original pages.

Thank you